The models who performed webcam jobs on Easter got lucky!

By | April 29, 2022

Apart from bringing a lot of money, without any prior experience or the need to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity, non-adult webcam jobs also have another substantial advantage: they offer you the possibility of having a flexible schedule, unlike typical 9 to 5 office jobs, allowing you to divide between professional and personal life, getting the best from both worlds. However, that doesn’t mean you should work less than 40 hours per week or interrupt in the middle of your public or private shows, to do home chores, for example. In this profession, as in all the others, seriousness and discipline are the keys to success, but you can make the most of certain moments that your colleagues may not take advantage of.

One such situation occurred during Easter, according to a young woman named Lolla, who performs webcam jobs with Studio 20 –, the biggest & most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world (with locations in 5 countries on 3 continents – the United States of America, Columbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary). More precisely, she decided to work for the holidays, instead of spending time with her family & friends, and the decision turned out to be more than inspired, as she said on a forum dedicated to this industry.

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“Hey, girls, how was Easter for you? In truth, I saw that there were only a few girls online, but I had many members in the room, so there was good traffic. I don’t know exactly how to feel about the revenues, but I’d have to say it was pretty good”, said Lolla. Soon, answers from her fellow colleagues in webcam jobs came pouring in. “For me, it went better than usual! I saw that many girls were offline, so this may have been the determining factor. Working on Easter exceeded my expectations, so I can say it went well”, Sonya wrote.

If you are new to webcam jobs or never thought of working on religious holidays, next we will explain the mechanism behind this decision. First of all, as Lolla and Sonya said, many models don’t even consider this option since they don’t want to sacrifice the time spent with their family and friends. However, by working on Easter and Christmas, when not too many other girls want to, you can double or even triple your regular revenues from members. Your absence from the festive meal will be excused, while the more extravagant gifts you’ll be able to buy, due to a very productive work shift, will be more than appreciated.

But how come there are so many members online for Easter and Christmas when they should be with their loved ones? The explanation is simple, and you should know it very well if you have experience in webcam jobs: most of your members are single, lonely, or lack something in their lives, and these feelings only intensify on the eve of holidays. Therefore, you can bring a smile to their face, while also earning a lot of money for yourself and the studio. In conclusion, we could say that working on Easter is a win-win-win situation!