The best rugs to buy in 2022, according to experts in carpet cleaning services!

By | January 8, 2022

Even though they’re not what you call “fashionable” anymore, carpets are still appreciated by many people, especially those with homes that can easily accommodate them. We are not only talking about people who own these furnishings for a long time or have inherited them from their parents or grandparents. In this article, we address those who still want to buy rugs in 2022 but aren’t really sure what’s trending in this domain. This is why we asked for expert help: a highly-trained professional in carpet cleaning services introduced us to this subject!

He works with Home & Business Services –, a family-owned local company operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA since 2013. They offer professional cleaning services, including residential, commercial, air ducts, windows, and carpet cleaning services, as well as handyman services, home maintenance, and turnkey services. Their employee compiled a list of tips & tricks you should follow if you want to buy a high-quality and popular model of rug in 2022. Without further ado, here’s what he had to say:

1. Don’t be afraid to go for patterns! According to the expert in carpet cleaning services we consulted, patterned rugs are making a comeback in 2022. “Until now, the trend was for plain and neutral models, but now things are changing. I believe this happens because wall colors and decorations are becoming more and more simple, therefore you need something to cheer the room up. A colorful, patterned carpet is exactly what you need for the living room and dining room, and even more so the children’s room”, he says.

2. A remarkable rug for a small room. The carpet cleaning services professional recommends transforming a small room by using a distinguished rug. “Sometimes, people can be disappointed with the size of a small room, but the right optical illusion can downright transform it. And I literally mean downright since the idea is to place a colorful carpet on the floor and watch the whole room fill up with optimism and space”, he explains.

3. Bring calm to your favorite room. If patterned rugs are becoming “a thing” again in the living room and dining room, when it comes to your favorite place in the house, things are different. Whether we are talking about the bedroom or your office, you need this place to be an oasis of calm, so you should opt for a carpet in a single & classic base note, such as white, light beige, or navy blue. This will help you concentrate and reach your goals quickly, whether they refer to sleeping or working.

Despite the fact that they’re making a resounding comeback this year, rugs are still difficult to clean and maintain in perfect shape. However, if you opt for carpet cleaning services from Home & Business Services, they will look as good as new, and their life will be prolonged. The secret lies in using hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, considered the most efficient carpet cleaning method.