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What you will see below is about some pictures from Earth. One of the beautiful planet in the universe. We are born here, but in the most of the time we choose to live our life in a concrete box and work day by day. I can’t find any reason why we do this and… Read More »

23 resolutions for this year

I stayed and asked myself what the destinations will be for this year. Back in Japan, or another far away country? Or maybe some cities of Europe. And in the end, I chose a high, but beautiful target for this year. I will take a list with all capitals of Europe and visit 23 of them. It… Read More »

5 Reasons Why I Like to Travel

A lot of people love to travel all over the world and the reasons why they like this can be different from one to other. For me is not hard to find a good reason to travel. I will share with you my top 5 reasons to travel. Help with a shareTwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle

Hello world!

Welcome to my journal! I love to travel around the world, take pictures, meet new people from different cultures and share their stories with you. Together we can have a great journey. Live with me, dream with me, travel with me. Life is a journey, your life also can be a journey, just follow your… Read More »