Scuba diving in Thassos, Greece

By | September 5, 2013

I love snorkeling and I do this sport for many times, so on my last trip I decided it was time for the next step in this direction and to go a few meters more under the water. So I took the first lessons for going under water and after this 30-40 minutes course, I went to see sea fish closer.

We took a boat and sailed in a beautiful zone of Thassos Island, where we started to practice what we’ve learned in the short lesson taught before; and finally to go under the water. At 1-2 meters in the beginning and up to 12 meters below the water in the end.

The 30 minutes experience was too short, but enough to convince me to take more lessons and get the certificate who allows me to go more then 12 meters under the water, in the end.

I love aquarium fishes, I have 3 aquariums at home, so the experience was even more interesting. I was like in a very big tank aquarium and with a lot of fishes around me.

At one moment, my instructor got me some plants and a lot of fishes came to eat from my hand. The sensation was amazing. You can see in the pictures album the moment when I fed the fish.

I saw a lot of fishes, an octopus and some strange plants who live on the bottom of the Aegean Sea. And also I took my GoPro camera with me, so you can enjoy the experience and see some sequences of my short trip under the waters.

Also, at the end of the 30 minutes, I got permission to stay under the waters without my instructor support and to try to swim alone. It was pretty hard to have control of my suite and stay straight inside the water. Maybe next time, after another few lessons, it will be easier.

Below, I prepared a short video with underwater sequences:

If you go in Thassos Island, don’t miss the Vasiliadis Diving Club. You will get some great scuba diving experiences with the best instructors.

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  1. Melissa

    Scuba diving is one of my biggest passions. The main reason I love diving is the adventure, because you never know what you will found below the water surface.

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