My Dream of Traveling Europe in a Custom Camper Van

By | April 20, 2023

One of my dreams has been to build a camper van to travel even more throughout Europe. So many years have passed since I last drove across the European roads, and I long to do it again. I kept saying I would go next year, but then something would come up and I would postpone it for another year, and so on.

However, this dream never leaves my mind, and I still hope that things will settle down in my life so I can start working on my dream. I built a house, which depleted my financial resources over the last 6-7 years. This meant fewer trips, and when I did travel, I wanted to relax and didn’t spend time filming or taking photos of the wonderful places I visited. Sometimes I filmed, but once I returned home and got caught up in daily issues, I never got around to posting.

Then, just when I was finally ready to travel more, the pandemic hit and my plans were turned upside down once again.

This year, however, I am determined to travel more. I need it like I need air, and in the coming months, I will likely take a few short trips to reignite my passion for exploration and travel.

Additionally, I think I’ve found the ideal vehicle to convert into a camper. I’ve been looking at a second-hand Opel Caravel lately, especially since its prices are quite reasonable. I believe this blog, with your help, could find sponsorships to help me realize this project.

Of course, once the vehicle is purchased, there are more steps to take in order to outfit it and prepare it for travel. But I plan to do everything step by step. First, I’ll get the vehicle, then I’ll start taking short trips and gradually prepare it for longer journeys.

You’ll see that the chosen model is not too large, as I don’t want a full-blown house on wheels, but rather a vehicle that allows me to travel easily anywhere in the world – or at least in Europe – and offers a little comfort when night falls on the road.

In a future article, especially if I see your support in the comments, I will detail why I chose this type of vehicle and why I believe it’s more suitable than a larger one that would offer more comfort, like having a bathroom and shower inside, but wouldn’t be to my liking.