The medical tourism is not a legend

By | March 8, 2017

The medical tourism is not a legend. There might be many stories around it, some even telling about unpleasant experiences, but most of the services a patient could find abroad are as good as those he/she finds in his/her home country – and sometimes, much better.

This is exactly what patients who choose TransylvaniaMed, for instance, find in Transylvania (Romania), once they decide to benefit from the agency’s dentistry or esthetic medical services. The agency works with the best dentists and plastic surgeons in the area, all of them being certified and trained in the USA or Europe. As for the rates proposed by TransylvaniaMed, these are between 50 and 70 per cent lower than those in western Europe. What patients appreciate the most as far as TransylvaniaMed is concerned is that both of its clinics, the dental clinic and the cosmetic surgery one, are accredited and with many years of experience, which is the first aspect the patients need to be assured of.

Our patients come from all over the world in a medical trip to Romania, and the services provided by TransylvaniaMed address people who don’t benefit from a health insurance back home, for the simple fact that they don’t need it here. Practically, we are our patients’ partner in dental tourism and cosmetic surgery tourism and this is how the patients perceive us. TransylvaniaMed’s dental or cosmetic surgery services can be chosen separately by the patients or in combination, a dental implant in Romania, for instance, complementing the beauty procedure or the other way around.

TransylvaniaMed manages all the steps of its patients’ journey, assisting them during their medical tourism experience in Romania and offering, in many ways, peace of mind. Such a journey, for either dental or cosmetic purposes, lasts between 7 and sometimes 14 days. This is why, TransylvaniaMed has a wide range of tours and trips prepared for its patients, covering the free time they have to spend between the dental or cosmetic procedures, helping them benefit, at maximum, from their medical trip to Romania.

From start to finish, the agency’s personnel will always be fully committed to the patients and their needs, providing immediate response and organizing the medical journey to Romania based on the patients’ requirements and budget, making their visit to Transylvania as stress free and enjoyable as possible.