Desdemona Simulator

By | May 25, 2014

A day will come, a day when I will fly into the space. Maybe after I’ll visit more then 1000 places on Earth. Doesn’t matter, that day will come and then I will be prepared for that.

As a part of a training that Heineken offered me, I got some special training in Desdemona Simulator. The experience was beyond what I can describe in words. To feel 3G presure on your body for 20 seconds is not an easy thing. Also, the perceptions from the cockpit are totally different from what you will see in the clip bellow.

Also, before the training in simulator, a course class has been held, where I learned a lot about human body, how we are built to keep our equilibrium and how easy is to get totally disoriented in a moving vehicle or in space. Also we had some amazing exercises which showed how easy we can get disoriented. For example, try to write something on a paper by looking in a mirror and cover the paper so you don’t see it. For me, it was almost impossible.

Desdemona Simulator Pictures

Also you can visit the website of Space Expedition Corporation.