Carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA. This is why hot water extraction is the way

By | May 9, 2022

HWE stands for hot water extraction, which is considered to be the most effective method of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA. This is also the method that one of the best carpet cleaning companies around the area uses. Of course, we are talking about Home & Business Services, a family-owned company operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, since 2013.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction, as it is also known, is the most popular and efficient method. We have been using it for quite a while now and we can say that it is very tough on dirt and very gentle on the carpet“, say the representatives of Home & Business Services. Find out how hot water extraction works and why it is so efficient when it comes to carpet cleaning!

Carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA – how it works and why it is effective?

Not only experts in carpet cleaning recommend the technique of hot water extraction. Carpet manufacturers agree that steam cleaning is the way to go when it comes to cleaning sensitive and regular carpets. Even if it is called steam cleaning, there is no actual steam involved in the process. The only steam that exists is the one generated by hot water.

HWE involves a combination of cleaning agents and, of course, hot water. The solution is injected at high pressure into the fibers of carpet and all lifted soil gets removed by a very powerful vacuum. Professionals offering carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA claim that the temperature of the solution can vary between 50 and 120 degrees Celcius.

This means that the temperature can be adjusted depending on the type of the carpet, in order to properly clean the fiber, without hurting it. The process of cleaning begins with an alkaline pre-spray cleaner that is applied to the soil surface. Then, a grooming brush is used for light agitation.

After that and some dwell time, the surface is passed with a rotary extractor, in order for the preconditioner to be rinsed out. Once the rinsing is complete, using also a solution that is meant to reduce the pH of the carpet fibers in order for it to go back to normal levels, the carpet is dried and brushed with care.

Home & Business Services, the best company offering services such as carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, defines HWE using another term. This term is CHAT and it stands for: chemicals (for the preconditioning process), heat (to speed up the chemical reactions), agitation (for even distribution of the substances and good chemical penetration), and time (dwell time for every reaction to be completed before the soil extraction takes place).

It is very important to know that will provide you with carpet cleaning services that will take good care of your carpet. Using special tools and techniques, highly trained professionals manage to remove up to 99% of the particles and protect the fibers at the same time.

If you decide to use Home & Business Services for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, get ready for a great experience! The company only uses 100% safe products and will provide you with pet odor removal, complete stain removal, fast drying times, flexible ways of payment, and free estimates.