Aerobatic flight in Amsterdam

By | May 26, 2014

After the first day, when we tried Desdemona Simulator, the next one gave us some real sensations on a small plane. This time we have experimented 4G for 20 seconds and also 0G for 10 seconds, twice. Finally, we made some nice looping, a barrel roll, cuban 8 and others. Also I did the first looping by myself, and that was a little scary for me.

One of the greatest moments was the time when the plane was upside down and I had the sensation that it is another planet above my head. I had only one thought “I want to remain here, in this position, forever“. This is what I want to experience again.

It was one of the best days in my life. I will certainly try to do this again, maybe in Romania, maybe in another place. I don’t want to learn how to fly with a small plane, but for sure I want to fly more, and make loopings, barrel roll and more.

At the first part, they allowed me to use my GoPro camera, until we’ve got 4000 m altitude and we’ve prepared for exercises. So I have the second movie with that part recorded in the cockpit. Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise in the cockpit during the flight and you can not hear the discussions.