5 Reasons Why I Like to Travel

By | August 8, 2013

A lot of people love to travel all over the world and the reasons why they like this can be different from one to other. For me is not hard to find a good reason to travel. I will share with you my top 5 reasons to travel.

1. I am curious

I like to see new places, to discover another cultures, to see what nature or other people build during the time. Also I am passionate about technology and I try to visit every Science Museum I get in my way.

During my life, I hear many stories about other places. I like to check if these stories are true or not. I like to see with my own eyes the truth. For example I heard some stories about Japanese Railways that all trains delays are less then 3 minutes during 1 year. Maybe this is true for the Bullet Trains, but I am pretty sure this is not available for all trains. When I was on Japan, the regional train I took was delayed 10 minutes. Indeed I did’t observe any delay on bullet trains.

2. Better understanding of what we are and of life

When you see what other civilization builds and how different people from different corner of the world think, you will have a better understanding of life. We are so alike and yet so different!

3. Traveling is inspiring – gets new ideas

When you have a better understand of the world, new ideas are coming. Beautiful places are always a good way to get inspired. And not only inspired. It also energizes you for future projects. This project idea was born in a short travel in a Romanian village with thermal waters.

4. Adventure

New places, new peoples and unanticipated ways for your life. My entire life is an adventure. Why don’t have a good one? I love adventure, I love to have new experiences, I like to try anything, from new foods to roller-coasters experiences.

5. Traveling is fun and relaxing

In the end, but not the last, traveling is fun and relaxing. Not all time but, in the end, this is a healthy and relaxing experience. I didn’t meet anybody during my journeys who don’t have a good feeling when they travel.